Crisis Planning & Management

Putting your reputation first with prompt and smart solutions to manage brand and reputation exposure.

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, every organization faces constant and rapid change. The Internet and social media have accelerated the requirement to assess and respond at a pace well beyond the comfort zone of most organizations. Effective crisis planning and PR execution is essential, including the early identification of issues with the potential for reputational impact.

TSA helps identify hazards and plan the way forward, ensuring communicators all the way up to the CEO are confident and ready.

Where a company or organization is hit with an unexpected situation, TSA works with executives to develop prompt, smart and impactful responses to avoid serious reputational damage. And, we prepare, coach and support the spokesperson in what is often their most challenging PR experience.

Some of our most successful assignments have been in dealing with crises that few ever hear about because they have been effectively managed.

  • Crisis Management: When a major entertainment provider with locations across Canada entered a court-appointed financial restructuring to avoid break-up, TSA worked with management and employees to ensure customers and the media saw nothing more than business as usual. As a measure of success, long-term booking levels were maintained.
  • Issues Management: TSA managed PR and government relations for plant closures in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland by high-profile consumer products companies. No brand diminishment was identified in subsequent consumer surveys.
  • Disaster Planning: TSA tested and assessed the communications planning for a major nuclear facility in a real-time simulation of a multi-day radiation leak. TSA’s assessments resulted in multiple changes to communications approaches to the local and national media, as well as the neighbouring public.