Government Relations

Expertise and practical experience in political advocacy, regulatory processes and policy development

TSA consultants provide clients with expertise and practical experience in political advocacy, regulatory processes and policy development at all levels of government.

TSA will develop an effective government relations strategy and connect you with the right decision- makers to execute your goals, whether you are seeking policy or legislative change, are offering products or services to Government, are conducting a national awareness campaign, or simply monitoring issues.

Who in Government should hear your position, and how should you approach them?  What are the economic, jurisdictional and political constraints impacting your issues? What are other influencers saying on the issue?  TSA has unparalleled expertise in helping clients navigate these and other challenges in Canada’s complex Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government terrain.

Boasting staff who have worked as politicians, lawyers, senior staff in Federal and Provincial Ministers offices, aides to Prime Ministers, journalists, and public servants, TSA provides clients with exceptional insights into the nature of Canadian politics and the entire policy-making process, as well as expertise on how to best influence decision-makers.

TSA emphasizes positive client engagements with Governments that build long-term, productive relationships and competitive advantage. Our consultants’ thorough understanding not simply of the positions of Governments, but also the complex pressures and limitations under which they function, is key to achieving results.

TSA government relations services include:

Federal, Provincial & Municipal Advocacy

Federal-Provincial Advocacy Days

Grants & Subsidies

Issue & Reputational Audits

Issue Monitoring

Issues Management & Analysis

Legislative & Regulatory Counsel

Parliamentary Committees


Stakeholder Relations