Federal-Provincial Advocacy Days

Impactful strategy delivers right message, tone and substance.

As a mainstay in the Ottawa and Toronto political communities, Advocacy Days are an opportunity for your organization to showcase its offerings and connect with political stakeholders in-person.  But with so many Hill Days to go around, your organization’s event needs to stand out in order to have a strong impact on policy-making and decision-makers.

TSA’s clients have long relied on our firm to deliver Advocacy Days that strike the perfect tone and get their main messaging across in an impactful manner.

For clients that are seeking to have pre-arranged meetings with political decision-makers, TSA’s consultants draw on their strong political connections to arrange face-to-face sessions with the Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament or Members of Provincial Parliament, Senators, as well as senior public servants that are most influential for your organization’s issues. Furthermore, we offer a full suite of services to prepare your organization’s representatives to have effective meetings at Parliament Hill or Queen’s Park, from briefing notes, to meeting tutorials, and tasking one of our knowledgeable consultants with accompanying you to each meeting.

For clients that are looking for a reception-based event, TSA draws on its unparalleled experience in delivering special events to make sure that your soirée is much more than the standard wine and cheese function.  In fact, TSA’s annual Hill Day Receptions for Beer Canada, Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC), and Merit Canada are renowned by Parliament Hill stakeholders.  TSA’s consultants draw on their vast networks to make sure that your event is attended by decision-makers to whom you want to talk, so that you can network effectively, while we make sure the evening runs exactly according to plan.

A successful Hill Day is one that leaves the client 100% satisfied.  We accomplish that through careful planning, research and execution: first by listening to our clients; next by analyzing the policy and political environments; and then by implementing a program that gets all the logistical details just right.

On top of that, TSA has a wealth of experience implementing more innovative ways to attract the attention of political decision-makers, including organizing public-policy forums, as well as arranging and writing speeches to key public-policy bodies.