Federal, Provincial & Municipal Advocacy

All organizations have a story to tell. How and when you tell it to governments is central to your government strategy.

All organizations have a story to tell. How and when you tell it to Governments – Federal, Provincial, or Municipal – should be central to your overall operational strategy.

Government policies can help or hinder how a business runs. Governments can be a major purchaser of your goods and services. They can be partners in policy advocacy or investment. Or they can present threats to the health and viability of your business – even if unintended.

Governments appear to be large, faceless and distant organizations. In truth they are comprised of people who, for the most part, want the private sector to function effectively. But it is impossible for them to know and understand the workings of every organization operating outside the legislative buildings.

An investment in government relations advocacy can change the equation. A successful advocacy program ensures public decision-makers are aware of your organization and what it does. It means you will find your way to the right people, with the right message, at the right time – then make your request or recommendation in the most advantageous way. It means Governments know how – and why – they should support you.

Whether you are faced with a policy or regulatory challenge, require Government support for a program or mandate, or want Government to better understand your bona fides, TSA will craft strategies and programs to help. Then we will ensure you are in the right room with the right people to make your case in the most effective and time-efficient way.  Additionally, TSA consultants have a breadth of experience working within and with all three levels of Government (Federal, Provincial, and Municipal), so we fully understand the differences in how each level of Government operates.  TSA consultants are uniquely able to tailor our government relations techniques to each level of Government, thus achieving optimal results with each intervention on behalf of a client.

TSA approaches government relations with the aim of making each program a win-win for both sides of the table, seeking long-term benefits and relationships for our clients with public decision-makers.