Grants & Subsidies

For many organizations, Government grants and subsidies are integral to operational health. But with the trend towards comparatively constrained Government spending and an ever-growing field of competition, securing such funding on an ongoing basis has never been more difficult. Adding to the challenge is the fact that Government funding applications are often arcane and complex, with even the smallest error potentially resulting in your application’s rejection, regardless of its merit.

With a keen eye for detail and a wealth of experience in Government, TSA’s consultants assist clients in making the most effective funding applications possible.  Drawing on our strong connections at both the political and public service levels, we will find out what elements and content are most likely to result in your application’s acceptance.  We will network with stakeholders to informally draw attention to your application.  And using that information as a basis, we will help you craft an application that communicates your organization’s qualifications in the most effective manner.

TSA has a proven track record in securing major grants and subsidies for our clients’ interests.