Issue & Reputational Audits

Do you know how your organization is seen by government?

TSA has a wealth of experience conducting reputational audits that collect valuable insights on behalf of clients and provide a blueprint for how they can best move forward to increase their government relations impact.

The reputation of your organization amongst political and departmental decision-makers can be a critical element in affecting change. If you do not know the answer to any of the following questions, you are operating in a blind spot that could be impacting your organization’s government relations success:

  • How is your organization viewed by Governments?
  • How are your competitors viewed?
  • Where do your issues rank on the Government’s list of political, economic and social priorities?
  • Do the key Government Ministers with responsibilities for your sector know who you are and why your concerns matter?
  • What emerging issues within Government pose the greatest threat or opportunity to your business?
  • What external forces are shaping Government policies in areas important to you?
  • When Governments or Cabinet Ministers change, are you back at square one or are you starting ahead of your competition?

TSA’s reputational audits are a mechanism for answering those and other questions in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, TSA’s consultants provide an exceptional analytical added value, providing your organization with valuable insights into how to best react to and use the results of your audit to increase the effectiveness of your government relations programs.