Legislative & Regulatory Counsel

A smart investment in government relations advocacy can change the equation of any issue.

On a daily basis, TSA develops and implements strategies for clients seeking to achieve or influence legislative and regulatory change.

TSA consultants combine a wide network and skill set with detailed knowledge of federal and provincial laws, regulations, and Parliamentary process.

We have worked with clients to achieve their objectives in diverse policy areas including Financial Services, Health Care, Consumer Products, Environment, Energy, Transport, Agriculture, Culture, Entertainment, Privacy and Competition Policy.

TSA consultants have backgrounds that include being Members of Parliament, lawyers, senior Government officials, senior association executives and Ministerial staff, so our firm has an unparalleled collective understanding of the avenues for influencing the legislative process.


Government Bills

TSA guides clients through the process of influencing legislation introduced by Governments at both the Federal and Provincial levels, from initial consultations and discussion papers to Royal Assent.

Services include:

  • Developing submissions for regulatory and legislative reviews;
  • Discussions with the responsible Departments prior to the introduction of the Bill;
  • Identifying and organizing briefings to responsible Ministerial staff;
  • Identifying and organizing briefings to relevant Members of Parliament and Opposition Critics;
  • Presentations before Standing and Legislative Committees examining the Bills;
  • Detailed monitoring of Debates on the Bill and introduction of amendments;
  • Developing and securing passage of favourable amendments; and
  • Identifying and defeating unfavourable amendments.


Private Members’ Bills

Private Members’ Bills are an area of increasing complexity and relevance for Canadian and multinational businesses. TSA has extensive experience and knowledge working with clients who have an interest in Private Members’ legislation. We have implemented strategies that have secured the introduction and passage of Private Members’ Bills that provide clients with their required policy changes as well as defeated proposed Private Members’ legislation that would introduce significant and unnecessary costs on clients.

TSA has unparalleled knowledge of the Private Members’ Business Rules of Procedure in the Federal House of Commons and Senate.


Regulatory Change

Increasingly Governments of all stripes and at all levels are using regulations as a preferred vehicle to implement change. TSA provides its clients with advice and assistance through the full regulatory process including:

  • Detailed monitoring to identify proposed regulatory changes that may affect your organization in time to impact the outcome;
  • Development of clients’ written responses to draft regulations which maximize the opportunity to influence change;
  • Organizing and leading detailed discussions with responsible Departmental officials before and after draft regulations are published;
  • Organizing and leading detailed discussions with responsible Ministerial staff;
  • Developing and implementing a detailed outreach plan to engage influential Members of Parliament and provincial representatives in the regulatory process when required.