TSA works with clients to strategically raise their profile and highlight their reputation before and during procurement opportunities.

Whether selling a good or service to Government, or entering into a partnership agreement, Government is a unique customer that requires a sophisticated understanding of its motivations and decision-making processes. The skills and experiences of TSA are critical to your success.

No matter how you look at it, Governments are a major market for goods and services.  Nearly a quarter of Canada’s GDP results from public sector expenditures.  That number is rising over the medium-term as Governments continue to seek out ways to stimulate the economy in the face of persistently slow growth globally and to address the challenge of long-term, demographic-driven increases in health care expenditures.

Government is a large market, but it also is a challenging market. Procurement decisions can be subject to a dizzying level of scrutiny and oversight. Criteria for decision-making tend to be complex and bound by terms and conditions that are tough for the private sector to accept. To top it off, performance requirements in public sector contracting are often difficult to achieve.

But for those companies dedicated to succeeding in the Government market, the opportunities and pay-off can be very large.

TSA offers specialized procurement services to the private sector based on our first-hand experience with Government policy, processes, personnel and operations. Our firm’s range of services includes:

Our firm’s range of procurement services includes: Market Analysis, Business Development, Pre-Bid and Bid Preparation, Post-Award Follow-ups.