Stakeholder Relations

TSA is expert in defining and coordinating coalitions and grassroots advocacy.

Government does not operate in a vacuum; other organizations are competing with yours for Government attention, spending, and space in the public discourse.  At times, those other organizations may be your competitors; but many times they can be your collaborators.

TSA is a recognized leader in the design and execution of effective coalition and grassroots strategies to leverage government relations and public affairs objectives.

Coalitions are a very effective means of cutting through the increasingly crowded public affairs universe and presenting a broadly supported, ‘turn-key’ solution to Government on an issue. Coalitions also can provide a mechanism to bring together unlikely allies to help Government diffuse a controversial issue or proposal. Coalitions also provide a forum for organizations to come together on a common issue, build consensus, share information and pool resources.

As someone once famously said, all politics is local and this is truer today than ever before. Tailoring your message and taking it to the grassroots, including community leaders, local organizations and local media can reinforce your government relations and public relations programs. Crowded Government agendas also mean that more and more organizations are competing for attention from Government on their issues. An effective grassroots program can be a ‘game changer’ in terms of getting both Government attention and support on your file.