Achieving outcomes that allow for success in both the Canadian and global marketplace.

In response to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding North American trade, TSA has assembled a Strategic Relations Trade Team comprised of Senior Consultants with extensive experience in trade relations, ratification processes, and protecting client interests in international negotiations. We offer you the services of this team to ensure that your organization receives the best possible representation to the Government of Canada during renegotiations of NAFTA, regulatory changes in the ratification process for CETA and other issues related to Canada’s participation in ongoing trade discussions.

TSA’s Strategic Trade Relations Team includes Senior Counsel Kevin MacAdam, Senior Counsel Chris Gray, Senior Counsel Scott Munnoch, and Principal Don Moors, with support from Senior Consultant Robert Elliott.

Senior Counsel Kevin MacAdam is a former Minister of Agriculture and Minister of the Environment for Prince Edward Island.  His wide experience on the trade file comes from his participation in trade missions to China, Cuba, and Russia, where he led various Fishery and Agriculture groups, and introducing Canadian companies to new market opportunities.  As Agriculture Minister, Kevin was the Canadian Chair of Tri-National meetings between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.  He led many interprovincial and Federal-Provincial negotiations on various issues, including softwood lumber.  He has also been an active participant in many WTO meetings, pursuing new opportunities for Canadian goods and protecting the agriculture, food, and fisheries industries in Canada.  As Environment Minister, Kevin later represented PEI during negotiations with the Federal Government on the Kyoto Protocol.  After politics, Kevin worked in the Federal Government, where he advanced many significant projects between the Federal Government and the Atlantic Provinces, including the Atlantic Gateway Strategy and the Atlantic Energy Accord.

Senior Counsel Scott Munnoch formerly served in both the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada (PMO) and as a Senior Advisor to the Premier of Ontario.  He has coordinated Canadian trade missions to Europe, Asia, Central America, and throughout the United States.  Often acting as the Advance Lead for Canada, Scott has participated in bilateral business development projects in the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, Mexico, and the United States. He also represented Canada at the coordination and signing of the NAFTA agreement in San Antonio in 1992.  Additionally, he has participated internationally in key roles with provincial Ministers, Premiers, and the Canadian Olympic Association.


Senior Counsel Chris Gray was formerly Director of Policy for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, where he participated in the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) trade discussions between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.  Specifically, Chris participated in the development of an Intellectual Property Action Strategy.  Representing the Canadian business community, Chris participated in meetings in Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Guadalajara to advise the Governments of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico on ways to combat intellectual property rights piracy and counterfeiting.

Principal Don Moors has advised clients on a wide range of trade issues and negotiations, such as CETA, the Trade in Services Agreement, and Air Service Negotiations, as well as many bilateral trade initiatives.  Don has also worked with a number of clients on specific trade and tariff issues, such as potential retaliatory surtaxes pursuant to WTO litigation and matters related to the Special Export Measures Act.

The Team is supported by Senior Consultant Robert Elliott, whose work in PMO and other Government policy offices gave him a strong command of the legislative and political processes related to trade negotiations and disputes, and Senior Consultant Joshua Matthewman, who pursued graduate studies in International Relations, focusing on privatization and regulatory bodies, and has consulted for Fortune 500 multinational companies at TSA.